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Kind Words From Our Happy Candidates

Comments by the people that we have placed into quality jobs

FSI Elite’s knowledge of the company and the individuals involved were invaluable throughout the process. This sort of in-depth knowledge and guidance is crucial to finding the right job and extremely rare to find. It certainly helped me


Working with FSI Elite for three months was a great experience from start to finish. FSI Elite were incredibly helpful at all times and a great help to me during a short contract role.


I have a great job work at HP and whilst I did my bit at the 4 interviews I wouldn’t of had the opportunity if FSI Elite had not been on top of their game matching suitable candidates to suitable roles and following through. This job is prefect for me so this has probably been a once in a lifetime move, however if something changes there will be one company I’ll get back to.


FSI Elite have a specific vision for their team and leads from the front by example. They have a number of specialists that work with them to provide the best possible service for clients and candidates alike. I’m unable to recommend their services highly enough


Why you should let us help you find your next role:

We currently manage and deliver platform programmes for many of our clients and so we determine the resource that they need.

We have a personal understanding of the problems they face and what type of people they need, we are on-site and can best tailor the skills of our candidates to their needs.

We know how Hiring Managers like to be treated and the specifics that they are looking for.

We really get know our people and we work on referrals and personal networks rather than ‘proprietary databases’

What we offer our candidates is a better understanding of the role, the challenges and experience of delivery and a clear picture of how to be successful.

We work in client organisations to learn the culture, and people and their methods, so we can pass this information on to you.

We only put you forward if we would employ you for a specific role ourselves, if not we will support you to find another perfect fit.

We are always upfront & honest and keep you informed of progress.

Companies We’ve Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.

Saunderson House
James Hay
Old Mutual
St James

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